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Download PhotoTourism Notre Dame image dataset

Stop compiling opencv, install pre-build version

sudo apt-get install python-opencv

Re-Setting up Virtual Machine

features wishlist

I would like to have these features on the Pirate island


After watching @TheNerdforge’s Making A Miniature Fantasy LANDSCAPE (For An Epic Castle?) and Making an Epic Wizard Castle Using 2500+ Bricks!, the idea of doing a Castle is growing on me.

JrF C-SERIES pro contact microphone

yay, I got my contact mic for recording the pen plotter sounds :)

Convert Planetarium model stl to sliceform papermodel part 2

After looking at the exported plans from @autodesk’s fusion 360 slicer, they are unusable :(

Convert Planetarium model stl to sliceform papermodel part 1

After the failed attempt with the Library model, I tried @autodesk’s fusion 360 slicer on the Planetarium base model. I have had great success. :)


Yay, Deliveries

Convert Library model stl to papermodel

My Model unfolding software did not like the stl file uploaded to thingiverse by @cyanworlds.

Myst Island

Myst is a graphic adventure puzzle video game designed by the Miller brothers, Robyn and Rand. It was developed by Cyan, Inc., published by Brøderbund, and released as a PC game for the Macintosh platform in 1993. In the game, players are told that a special book has caused them to travel to Myst Island. There, players solve puzzles and, by doing so, travel to four other worlds, known as Ages, which reveal the backstory of the game’s characters.

Merge p2pvideo to website source code

Merge p2pvideo to website soruce code

Settting up my working area

I have two tables and a wire storage shelf arranged in a U-shape. I am retooling two tower computers:

Final commit (gh-page) to github

Final commit (gh-page) to github

How I plan on dealing with the Slashdot effect

see How I plan on dealing with the Slashdot effect in the notebook.

How I plan on dealing with the Slashdot effect

The Slashdot effect, also known as slashdotting, occurs when a popular website links to a smaller website, causing a massive increase in traffic. This overloads the smaller site, causing it to slow down or even temporarily become unavailable. The name stems from the huge influx of web traffic which would result from the technology news site Slashdot linking to websites. The original circumstances have changed, as flash crowds from Slashdot were reported in 2005 to be diminishing due to competition from similar sites, and the general adoption of elastically scalable cloud hosting platforms. The effect has been associated with other websites or metablogs such as Fark, Digg, Drudge Report, Imgur, Reddit, and Twitter, leading to terms such as being “farked” or “drudged”, being under the “Reddit effect”—or receiving a “hug of death” from the site in question. Google Doodles, which link to search results on the doodle topic, also result in high increases of traffic from the search results page. Typically, less robust sites are unable to cope with the huge increase in traffic and become unavailable – common causes are lack of sufficient data bandwidth, servers that fail to cope with the high number of requests, and traffic quotas. Sites that are maintained on shared hosting services often fail when confronted with the Slashdot effect. A flash crowd is a more generic term without using any specific name that describes a network phenomenon where a network or host suddenly receives a lot of traffic. This is sometimes due to the appearance of a website on a blog or news column.
Tom sparks

Initial commit (gh-page) to github

Initial commit (gh-page) to github

krpano black box bug

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Initial commit (gh-page) to github

Initial commit (gh-page) to github

merge to p2p-krpano-viewer


Sunshine Coast Maker Space - Architectural endoscope camera rig email

Name: tom sparks Email Address: [email protected] Subject: Architectural endoscope camera rig Message: I would like to build an Architectural endoscope camera rig for photographing my diorama. the rig needs to be automated to take panorama photos at each location Controlled / adjustable lighting conditions eg: night, daylight, sunset, sunrise, etc (darkroom / lightbox ) interchangeable camera setup photographs of camera rigs: https://tomasparks.name/miniatures/notebook/2018/11/endoscope-camera-rig.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Architectural_endoscopy Im interested in: Inventor Support (Sent via Sunshine Coast Maker Space https://www.scmakerspace.com.au)

Imperial City

After rewatching @LGR’s reviews on Elder scrolls Video game series. I liked the look of The Imperial City featured in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

merge to website

Why did I buy Krpano?

Why did I buy Krpano?






krpano Pepakura Designer 4

Painting Methods

The painting methods I am going to use are:



Camera-Rig Redesgin

see Endoscope Camera Rig

Endoscope Camera Rig

I looked through Architectural endoscopy Articles, I came across these images
Tom sparks

You should contact / join X DRAFT

I am the person in that sits in the center of the Venn digram with most of my projects

Birth of website

Birth of Website souce code

Camera-Rig software

see Creating a Streetview for Dioramas UPDATE

Creating a Streetview for Dioramas UPDATE

I have abandonned the Photo tourism software and I am looking at “Image connectivity graph”
Tom sparks

Dark Room

I am starting to reliase I may need a darkroom to control the lighting of the diorama because I would like to do two different lighting enivorments ( day and night ) and I dont know how long the robot well take to photograph each location.

documenting the produce

Filming Computing I may not film the work I do on my computer. live action Using a overhead camera rig and camera, I can film the proccess

Creating a Deepzoom map for Dioramas

The goal is to create a “Deep Zoom” map of my dioramas.
Tom sparks


see Creating a Streetview for Dioramas

Creating a Streetview for Dioramas

The goal is to create a “Street View”1 of my dioramas. there are program that can create panoramic Virtual tour software like easypano’s Tourweaver ↩


pirate island idea

3D Topographic map inside of Shadowbox

3D map

papercraft / Papercraft rules

I’ve been boucing the idea around of doing a few Diorama I started to look at the idea after I bought my 3d printer, but it was unsucessfull I am relooking at the idea from a papercrafting view Papercraft rules 95% of work needs to be done on the pen plotter no ink/laser printer1 Commercial printing for wallpaper/textured paper excluded. ↩

DCC (Digital Command Control) for non model railway uses

Currently DCC (Digital Command Control) is beening used in model railways setups, but I can see other uses within the widder modelling communtiy static Displays modular diaramas wargaming Static displays there are modellers who put their “completed”1 models in display cases/cabinets, the models are usally group together. modular Diorama I can think of two cases: kit modellers1 travelling diorama: personal I was concepting a display for a community group that featured mainstream sci-fi models from TV/movie seires, I want the model’s to indercate: ** “On This Day” in-unverse events ** X years till in-unverse event ** death of Actors from series. the models were going to hanging from the ceeling because of limited space STALLED :( I had started to desgin a Star trek DS9’s Domaon Battle using a mixer of models and peeper ghost effects STALLED :( I was researching a computer-assited [rpg] with shelf-moving mintures and with explodable picese { see Crash Test Dummy toys } STALLED :( some models are never completed ↩ ↩2

steampunk idea

retrofuturism idea


Decoupage Diorama

3D printer experiment

I bought a Up Mini 3D printer a few years ago (TODO: Year) I printed the standard test models, the Stanford bunny and the gear bearing I started to print objects from thingiverse that I liked. But the models need too much post-cleaning with sharp tools1. so I started looking for ways to eliminated as much of the post-clean up work as possible, I found slicing2 software, if the model was not pre-sliced. But it introducted a new headace, joining the parts3 by gluing/welding. The other reason for slicing was to hollow the model for adding electronics I hate wearing gloves. ↩ cutting up the model into parts. ↩ due to variation in heating/temperature and alignment while printing. ↩

Electronics and me

I’ve had a group of bad experience build electronics circuits in the early 1990: I a build a few circuits from a beginner electronic books Dick Smith Electronics Fun Way into Electronics Vol. 1 Dick Smith Electronics Fun Way into Electronics Vol. 2 At highschool i want to join electronic club, but the clubs teacher killed that dream. A few years ago: I relooked at getting back into electronics with the arduino starter kit, the LED lights requirements (polarity, resistors) killed it again for me. PS: I never wanted to learn how to solder, the conductive paint looked like my best option. PSS: I was also looking making my own printed circuit boards (PCB), I found heat-transfer method I also found conductive ink pen that could use in my pen plotter

My 2018 NY Resolution

My 2018 NY Resolution list My Website Indiewbeb tick off some IndieMarks Complete website theming Copy my facebook data to my website Internet spend less time on youtube Myself Do more Art work Listen to music/podcast more Read more books

Rhythmbox scrobbling notes system

I’ve just written Rhythmbox scrobbling system for my notes

custom indieweb note system

I am curently writing a custom indieweb note system for my webiste, my requirements are different to most/all indieweb implementation as I need three different way of creating notes Text-editor, Browser and Offline

is Amiga inc a Shell corporation?

I’ve been reading Amiga Documents,

Amazon EC2 and Art work

I been wanting to get back into do digital art again :) But I don’t have the Patience for programs that max out my CPU for too long1: I may have the cpu time on my desktop computer, but I rearly turn it on unless I need to use some windows software. ↩

usenet update news.mozilla.org

I have been trying unsucessfully to download news.mozilla.org with nget it keeps redownload the same articles (Could be a bug with the news.mozilla.org server as new.povray.org and news.alaska-software.com works)

My opinion on the NBN (AU)

I have a problem with the NBN network it is out-of-date!!! It Should be Called “Nation Broadcast Network” NOT the “Nation Broadband Network” because the Network is following the “Broadcast” model of thinking.

Usenet Archiving Update

I have given thunderbird the middle finger for download usenet articles1 I found nget, its an old program, but still works :) I still need to use it to create the group list :( ↩
Tom sparks
2016-08-23 00:00:00 +1000

Pov-Ray Usenet Archiving Completed

I’ve completed the archive of Pov-ray’s Usenet :)
Tom sparks
2016-08-19 00:00:00 +1000

Me and the Internet ca 1997

Get the modem I went down to the local computer realiter to get a modem with my father I remeber pick up a US-Robotics 56k modem reading the description it include RealVideo1 software I remeber read a dead-tree maganize: it had a article about Real’s New RealVideo Fractal Codec, I must of been in a trace ↩
Tom sparks
2016-08-10 00:00:00 +1000

Pov-Ray Usenet Archiving

I’ve been trying to archive Pov-ray’s Usenet for the last fornight, but it has been give me hell especially the binary groups witch have over 78,000+ articles in each group
Tom sparks
2016-08-09 00:00:00 +1000

ZPAQ: Incremental Journaling Backup Utility and Archiver

I’ve been using ZPAQ for about a month now i’ve been using for:
Tom sparks
2016-08-08 00:00:00 +1000

Rembering Battlezone 98

if I was developing PACER....

PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) was in the news again today for being outdated and charging too much for public domain documents

Pen Plotters

The plotter is a computer printer for printing vector graphics. In the past, plotters were used in applications such as computer-aided design, though they have generally been replaced with wide-format conventional printers. A plotter gives a hard copy of the output. It draws pictures on a paper using a pen. Plotters are used to print designs of ships and machines, plans for buildings and so on.

Space 1889 themed diorama

Space 1889 logo