Rebuilding my websites to use slurm/docker

Over the last couple of weeks1 I have been rebuilding my website to use a Slurm Workload Manager setup.

website building

I use Jekyll, PHP and Fossil DVCS to build my websites


I like the ability to create static web pages for my websites


I use php for batch scripting and data amplification


I have global data DVCS that stores

  • global jekyll config settings
  • webmentions: I am using a moded version of Morris
  • comments
  • syndacastion links
  • jf2 feeds
  • caches (nickname, locations, etc)


scheduled (cronjob)

24 hours create backblaze b2 flle list  
  incomming file processor  
  copy local incomming folder to backblaze b2  
  update global hfeed  
  pushl POSSE
  compress slurm logs / free up space  
48 hours get twitch video feeds  
  Download twitch videos  
  add twitch watched list to notes website  
  build the notes website  
  download podcast  
  upload videos/music/podcast to backblaze b2 for with a 6 months time delay on twitch videos
7 days build gallery website  
  build miniatures website  
  cluster backup  
  upload cluster backups  
  build docker images  
30 days Build Articles website  
  Build main website  


or started via the incomming file processor

2D Video with hls ffmpeg
2D Video w/o hls ffmpeg
360 Video w/o hls ffmpeg
lossless audio ffmpeg
lossy audio ffmpeg
2D images ImageMagick \
360 images krpano-tools / ImageMagick
  1. months has it been that long